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“She is thinking about the dog with lupus.” 

“I know.  If anyone could give Rocky every chance at a normal life, it would be her.  I just don’t think Cookie and Rocky would work.  We have three distinct personalities that have to blend with the addition to the pack.”

“What about some of the other bounce backs at Greyhound Friends?”

“Not sure.  I think we need to go visit the kennel and the foster homes before we make a decision.” 

I had just arrived at the Rainbow Bridge a few days earlier when Bear, Sunny, Otis, Buffy, Miss Kitty, and Toughie called an assembly of all who wanted to participate in finding the next member of our pack.  Although you humans are free to invite anyone you want into your home, we are pretty good at helping lead your heart to a good match.  I wouldn’t exactly say we’re plotting against you but we’re plotting against you.

The list was a small one.  Cody, Tex, and Rocky.  All had been returned at least twice, if not more.  Cody is an independent artist like myself and works primarily in urine.  He is very creative but a bit more avant garde than myself.  His artwork is one of the reasons he’s been returned so many times – even from foster homes.  The greats are never appreciated in their own time.

Next was Tex, a socially odd, giant of a hound, well over 31 inches at the shoulder, over 80 lbs, and adores coffee a bit too much.   High Strung, easily startled, very misunderstood, zero self-confidence, needs firm boundaries, and a sense of humor.  When having an anxiety attack, he is a devote resource guarder with zero bite inhibition.  Not for the faint of heart due to his sheer size and the human must be ok with being bitten from time to time.  Tex must be in a very enlightened home to help him through all of his issues.

Finally Rocky.  Rocky just said no, he didn’t want to join our pack.  He wants to be an only dog and isn’t interested in sharing anything.  You have no idea how much I wanted to pee on his stuff after he said that.

Celestia was the first one to speak when the group reassembled.  “I think Tex is the one.  After everything I went through, she has always had a hard time forgiving herself for not being able to save me.  I think helping Tex become the best dog he can be will help heal her heart just a little bit.”

Toughie and I agreed.  “All of us have helped shape her into who she is today.  If anyone can handle a resource guarder who bites and has a history of bites, is insecure, socially awkward, and has panic attacks, she can.”

Miss Kitty was amused, “You have no idea what she was like when I found her.  Very much the same way but had much more bite inhibition.  Humans avoid biting and just bark a lot more.  I also think Tex is the one.”  

“What about the Daddy?  Can he handle Tex?”

Buffy thought for a bit and then said, “Eventually.  He enjoys order, Tex needs order and rules to feel safe.  I think they will be a good match with a little time to sort things out.”   

It was decided by a unanimous vote.  Tex should be the next addition to the pack.  

Apologies to Sally for making you wait twenty months for this.

3 Responses to “Of Course We Plot Against You”

  1. jerry says:

    Ingrid, Nixon and family, I see the makings of a terrific book here. Thanks for continuing the story.

  2. benny55 says:

    NIXON!!! You, Miss Kitty, Buffy, Celestia, Bear, Sunny, Otis, Toughie ALL did an outstanding job guiding your humans to Tex and Tex to them!! You weighed all the pros and cons of each dog and clearly Tex needed your humans for so many reasons. No other family could have understood Tex the way your family has. You certainly helped paved the way for Tex to jump into their hearts a d they into his.

    And my goodness, Tex is huge!! HANDSOME AND HUGE!! 🙂 What a magnificent fella’

    You, I grid, really have no idea what a remarkable human being you are n sooooo many ways!!!! You have so much heart, so much compassion, so much wit, so much wisdom AND the most loved, best understood dogs in the whole world!! 🙂 Of course, with so many spectacular Guardians at the Bridge to watch over all of you, everything will certainly unfold as it should!

    It’s always so delightful to hear from Nixon and what he’s been doing at the Bridge with allmof his buddies! Such a special voy 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for such a delightful post AND great photos!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. paws120 says:

    I just read your story from beginning to end, like a book. I am in true amazement of your story and your words. It is almost more than one can even begin to describe. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey, just amazing. Most of your pictures are still here and your pups are just beautiful. I just learned so much about greyhounds that I never knew. I have always adored the breed. You are a master of understanding, and a savior to so many. Thank you again.

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