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Everyone told me it shouldn’t be much of a big deal.  Maybe an upset tummy for up to a week but overall, not too bad.  The first day wasn’t bad.  Day 2 wasn’t all that bad.  Day 3 was my lowest point.  I was hungry and then would look at my food and just couldn’t will myself to eat it.  I really wanted to but it wasn’t happening.

Another call to the vet and they said make sure I eat no matter what I have to be fed.  Wow, do they know my humans?  Talk about jackpot!  I’ve discovered I really, really like organ meat.  Doesn’t matter what it came from cause venison, duck, and chicken were all quite yummy.  And they’re made of meat!  Between canned food and freeze dried raw dinner, meals were exciting and fun.  Sometimes I was even hand fed.  You can’t get much better than that.

The canned food was gourmet and tasty but once again, it gave me gas.  We hope to find something that doesn’t make me stink so badly before my next round in May 22.  I need a good 20 minutes of burping the other day.

I left the vet’s a little too quickly on Wednesday cause they forgot to send me home with some additional supplements.  Great, more pills!  I’m now on Denamarin to protect my liver.  That was very thoughtful of Dr. Huff though.  I get to see him and his pack on Wednesday.  From my point of view though, our packs are now one.

My homeopathic drugs arrived around April 25 but my humans finally started me on them today.  They were a little overwhelmed by the instructions but once they actually mixed up the first batch, it became much clearer and not at all scary for them.  I liked the cell salt and just snuggled in my female human’s lap with my eyes closed while she gave it to me.  1/8 teaspoon twice a day, rubbed into my mouth.  I don’t have to swallow the other liquids but they taste good so I like to lick it up from the syringe.  It takes a bit of time though.  I can’t have eaten anything yet and then they give me the salt, wait 10 minutes, then give me the liquid, and then wait another 15 minutes before I can have breakfast.  Not sure how this is going to work with the Denamarin.

What about when they finally start me on artemisinin?  They’re still trying to figure out the dosage.  I’m lucky that my humans work from home because my medications and supplements are a full time job.

Tomorrow is a big day.  I get to see if I can get off of bed rest.  Granted, I’ve been a little more active than they said I should be the past week.  I’m walking about .5 mile a day plus whatever I do inside the house.  I’m only allowed in one room in the house right now so there are only so many laps you can do around the couch.

There is a discussion of taking me to do nose work classes.  They sound fun.

This is a fun and rewarding activity that utilizes a dog’s sense of smell to find hidden rewards.  The class provides mental stimulation, physical exercise and has no pre-requisites. Dogs must be willing to wait for his/her turn while resting in a crate.  Dogs who are shy, reactive or fearful will benefit from this activity as the dogs work individually in the training ring.

I just want to start living life again.  Although I’ve been very active, almost every place they’ve taken me has been for some sort of medical treatment.  No Panera Bread, no dog park, no shopping.  I love shopping!  Maybe they’ll take me to Phydeaux’s tomorrow to celebrate!  Cross your paws for me.

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