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Chemo R1 Day 2

I missed several meals today.  I want to eat, I try to eat, but it just makes me want to burp.  I got down some food this evening but not as much as I would have liked.  The humans decided to skip my supplements tonight so that they wouldn’t upset my stomach even more.  The vet didn’t want me taking pepcid yet.  I think we need to talk to him about that.  I already am taking liquid children’s gasx for my belching.  It is actually pretty tasty.

The day started out greyt but then had some bad spots.  I walked down the front steps for the first time post surgery!  And then about 10 hours later, I had my first fall while I was walking up the steps.  I scraped my right hind leg pretty bad.  I was so scared and the more I struggled to get up, the worse things got.  I fell about three times in my panic to get up.  The human wasn’t doing so great either helping me.  Hopefully the leg will heal up quickly.  It is the same leg they gave me the chemo in.

Right now, I’m going to climb back into bed and take a nap.  It  has been a long day and I think I just over did it.  I spent a lot of time on my feet and was very affectionate with the family tonight.  Lots of hugs, kisses, and more hugs.  And tail wagging.  Lots of that too.

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  1. benny55 says:

    Darn Nixon, sounds like you’re having some of the “normal” side effects of chemo. I’m sure the vet gave you pills for anti-nausea (cerenia?) and you may need a dose of that too!

    YAY for wwl,king down steps!!! Sorry the going back up didn’t go as well!! Still very early in recovery though so be patient with yourself. It’s scarey sometimes trying to figure this tripawd thing out!

    My Happy Hannah goes down certain steps fine, but she had a great deal of trouble going back up and rarely, rarely will try more than a few steps and then she gets scared and usually stumbles down in some form or another…….so, we always use the ramp for the up part:-) 🙂

    Get some good rest as that chemo can tire you out sometimes. See if that nausea pill helps and keep us posted!!

    Sweet Dreams Nixon, Sally and Happy Hannah

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