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Take 2

So I didn’t handle my first round of chemo as well as everyone thought I did.   My blood work was not the best.  WBC, RBC, HCT, and PLT were all very low.  I was sent home to see how I did in a week.  I was put on Nupro since the vet said I needed more vitamins.  My diet has changed a little too.  We found a canned food that I love, Cookie loves (she thinks canned food is the devil) and the FOOD LOVES ME!  No gas.  🙂  It is amazing and tasty and amazing.

It is called Wild Calling.  I get a can a day with my Taste of the Wild.  1/2 a can in the AM and 1/2 a can at night.   As soon as I hear the can getting picked up in the kitchen, I run to the kitchen, then escort it to my bowl, making sure that no one steals it.  It is mine you know.  I’m still eating in the living room.  There has been some discussion that I need to eat in the kitchen again with Cookie but I really do like watching tv with dinner.  Just like the humans.

Today is Deuce’s 4 week Ampuversary.  He is still hanging in so thank you for all of your prayers.  He is still fighting off the pneumonia but he is eating, and he is walking with assistance!  One of his human neighbors comes over to help walk him around outside.  Deuce knows why the guy is over the house and just gets very excited to go outside and go for a walk.


After a week of eating well, things are back to normal and I’m sitting at the vets right now, getting my chemo.  They reduced my dosage by twenty-five percent.  Hopefully the side effects will not be so bad this time around.  Dr. Huff thinks that this will be good.

My female human is having trouble adjusting and she worries.  When she worries, I worry.  It is a horrible spiral!  So…this week, I convinced her to take me for some walks and we actually went around the neighborhood about .65 miles.  It took an hour to do since I had not been out there in over 2 months.  Lots of peemail to leave and it was just wonderful.

I also got to go to Panera bread on Sunday.  I was good and did lay down more than I normally would since I had my new SPECIAL travel bed.  Cookie will lay on anything so she just has her Ruffwear Highlands Bed.   Weirdo just put her feet on it while the rest of her was on concrete.  Maybe it is good for the circulation?   When I did get up, my frenemy Brandy stole my bed.  It is special and no other greyhound there had one like it.  Even my male human likes it since you just fold it up, zip it, and go.  We have lots of travel beds and this is his favorite too.   We have a Canine Hardware bed, two or more Abo Gear Pet Down Beds, and at least two Abo Gear PetSacs.  The AboGear beds, we got on sale for $15/each a few years ago.   The Highlands bed is well built but we got that on a great deal at REI one year when they decided to stop selling them.  And my human also go the Canine Hardware bed on deep discount when a pet store just couldn’t move them.  He didn’t advertise to crazy greyhound lovers.  They buy beds.

I said hi to most everyone and people came to love on me.  Life was good.  🙂  Then we went shopping at Phydeaux’s to get me new balloon shoes (which I have not agreed to wear yet)  and Cookie her birthday present.  Tomorrow is her birthday but we’re celebrating it tonight cause the mommy has to go to work tomorrow.   She already got her toy on Sunday because I insisted on playing with them first.  And we have video of me killing!  The toys are huge but they’re fun.  The squeak and grunt, and large enough to use as a pillow.

Hopefully, we’ll have Bison Meat Cake pictures tomorrow.  Instead of ground beef, they decided I need antibiotic, hormone free, ground bison.  And it was on sale at the butcher’s too.  The Bacon is low sodium and nitrate free.  We couldn’t find any insect fed chickens for my eggs.  They taste so much better but are really hard to find.

And now, some videos of me and Cookie.

Playing with Cookie’s Birthday Present, the great green spider.

Cookie playing with the less than popular blue octopus. Bigger is better.

Cookie finally gets to play with the spider.

This is the madness that happens when the humans come home:

The Pack Reunited!


5 Responses to “Take 2”

  1. benny55 says:

    Well aren’t you and Cookie having a ball? You two are living the good life……going places, doing things,Owners Bread trips WITH special beds in tow!!! You are very, very loved pups!!

    It’s absolutely delightful to read about all the fun you are squeezing it of every moment!

    Really hope you sail through this second chem stuff without any issues. Of course, “they say” when the WBC co es back low, it means the chemo is working!

    Glad to hear that sweet friend of yours Duce is doing be enter. Such a trooper. Thanks for sharing his photo…..he’s a very handsome boy and we are all sending love and strength and healing energy to Deuce and his human companion.

    And you tell your human companion not to worry about a
    thimg!! You clearly have everything under co tell and nothing is stressing you other than how quickly you can have your next meal served to you while watching your favorite TV show.!!

    Wasn’t able to see the videos because I don’t have snapshot (?). But maybe you’ll post some more photos of yourself when your mom gives us the next update!!!

    Keep on keeping on and doing what you’re doing—–it’s working!!

    Wishing you the best!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry says:

    Yay for Deuce getting better!!! I know you’re inspiring him Nixon.

    Well, I’m sorry the chemo isn’t going quite as planned but you sure are doing pretty good anyways. I have my paws crossed that you pass all of this round with flying colors.

    I’m glad you’re showing your Momma how to stop worrying. Instead of sitting around, just get moving! Get out and DO things. Live life, enjoy the day! You got it now!

    Those videos sound like fun but my Momma is too lazy to register for Snapfish. How about starting a YouTube account so we can see em easier?

  3. fourminipups says:

    Don’tworry too much about the blood test – It just means the chemo is working.

    Sounds like you have had a busy week. It’s hard work to be social!

  4. princess says:

    I love the peemail. Too funny. Good to see you still have your sense of humour

  5. labsrus says:

    I also thought “peemail” was the funniest thing ever! Great post and Great job! Keep up the hard work and we hope this round of chemo is gentler on you.

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