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It is raining again today.  It rained yesterday too.  Being trapped inside the house has meant that the humans are cleaning.  This morning it meant moving furniture and getting out the Dyson. 

I can’t sleep through that noise but I am not afraid of it at all.  I don’t know if I would like to be vacuumed and my humans are not inclined to try no matter how badly I shed.  They are worse.  You hear about people complaining about dog fur everywhere but you have no idea what it is like at our house.  My humans both have very long hair.  The female has wild poodle hair and the male looks like an Afghan who doesn’t use conditioner.  They shed constantly.  Their hair also kills vacuums.  Cookie and I are always finding their hair in our food, in our beds, caught in our teeth and throat, and sometimes we even poop it.  Not anyone’s favorite activity cause we often need help passing that.  Hope that wasn’t over sharing but it is the truth.

So the Dyson was out this morning and I am sure if it were alive, it would cry itself to sleep from the abuse it gets in this house.   Cookie tried to levitate and climb the walls to get away.  I am not sure why it upsets her so much but it does.  The humans tried to get her to go upstairs but she decided that was a trap and just dove past the vacuum in a mad and not so coordinated frenzy to go hide in the kitchen.  Being a wise dog, I tried to show her it was safe and even let them vacuum right next to me and  under my bed.  Cookie didn’t buy it.  Most of the time, she just follows my lead but I guess some things are just too scary.

2 Responses to “Being A Good Big Brother”

  1. benny55 says:

    Ohhhhh, the smiles this post brings with the “visuals”…….

    All I can say Nixon and Cookie, keep alpaws crossed for the rain to stop and maybe the Dyson will go back in the closet!

    You are a stellar “wise big brother” and co ti ue to set a fine example of how a centered and grounded do should act…..when not levitating.

    Much love to all.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry says:

    What a chill dawg you are! I know so many dawgs like our own Wyatt who just FREAK at the sound of a vac. When we get into cleaning mode, it’s all about running away from That Machine.

    I love your attitude kid!

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