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The Birthday Bed

My 12th birthday just past on the 19th.  My birthday always makes my humans smile because it is the start of my diva ways and the first time I displayed my skills as a Jedi Master.

In 2010, my birthday fell in the middle of the week.  We went out on Saturday, the 21st, to Greyhound Friends and I got to meet Cookie for the first time.  She wouldn’t come home for another two weeks but she was the right pup for our pack.

To make sure I wasn’t lonely, we went to Panera Bread to hang out with all the greyhounds on Sunday, the 22cd.  After breakfast, we headed over to Petsmart to buy me a birthday present.


My Dragon Squeaker Mat which Cookie destroyed after being home for less than an hour.

As a friend was picking up a bag of dog food, I saw the most wonderful bed across the aisle.  While we waited, I stared at the bed with my entire being.  We needed to be together and I had to communicate this to my human.  She saw I was interested but we left the store instead, my heart breaking.  As we headed home, the human realized she forgot to pick something else up so we were going to another Petsmart that was on the way.

I did not let my second chance go to waste.  As soon as we got near the beds, I looked at the bed with an ache in my soul.  I NEEDED THIS BED.  Needed it.  The human was starting to get the message.

“Do you want to go look at that bed?”

So we did.  I had to make it clear that I wanted this bed more than anything else in the world.   Even though it was on the shelf and  had another bed under it, I climbed into the bed and got comfortable.  She called the daddy…the conversation started off with “YOUR DOG….”  and then lots of laughing.



“How much is it?”


“He’s worth it.  Get it.”



When we got home, I climbed into the bed and stayed there for 17 hours, ignoring everything around me.  I didn’t eat, drink, or pee the entire time.  I did eventually get up, went potty, and then ran back to the bed.  For 36 hours, I refused to do anything but sleep in the bed.

45240_456056190675_5618703_n 46238_456055880675_534307_n (1) 46238_456055880675_534307_n 45846_456055535675_2200009_n

It was the best bed ever….until one day it wasn’t.  About 4 months after we bought the bed, I was aggressive with my digging in it and shredded it.  Once it was broken, I couldn’t sleep in it.  The humans took me back to petsmart to see if I wanted another.  No….the moment had passed….and I had discovered memory foam.  And Body Pillows.  And Pillow Pets…


6 Responses to “The Birthday Bed”

  1. elizabeth says:

    This made me smile. Roscoe had a bed that he just adored also, I had to get two of them so he could have one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Nixon was no dummy 🙂 Happy birthday in heaven sweet boy!

    • ohmynixon says:

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. There is a rule in greyhound homes:

      # of dogs +1 X # of living spaces
      Now that Rich and Ingrid both work from home, the number of beds needed has increased to nine. Three in the bedroom, three in the living room, and three in the office.

  2. maximutt says:

    Oh Nixon. That was probably the best thing I’ve read in quite some time! I’m sure you have all the memory foam beds and pillows in the world up there at the Bridge, and you deserve every last one of them!!

  3. benny55 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIXON!! We know you have THE best bed at the Bridge and fluffy comfy clouds act as your blankie!

    You are sooo lucky to have humans who understand you so well! Although, once you picked out your doggy bed and had a trial snooze on it, how could they possibly ignore your wishes!!
    I like the rules you set up for the number of beds required in your numans’ home! Greyhounds really do rule the roost in your household.

    I know you and Miss Kitty had great birthday celebrations together. And I know your humans are putting on a brave face, but they miss you terribly. But you are such a Legend around here….such an inspiration…you are very much present in so much of what goes on here in the Tripawds Universe.

    And GREAT job sending Tex to Cookie! I think he is quite an interesting…hmmm…distraction for ner!

    We love you Nixon…always have…always will!

    Lots of love to you I grid..and Rich too!

    PS. My Happy Hannah’s 11th birthday was August 2nd. A lot of good Souls came to Earth in August! Wish they could jave stayed longer.

  4. jerry says:

    Ohhhhhh how I needed this sweet story to start my week, thank you for telling this wonderful tale of the perfect dog bed …. at least it was for a while anyways!

    Love you love you love you Angel Nixon! Hope you and our angel doggies had a great birthday pawty for you.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing your Birthday story about the bed. I love that you spent so much time in it. I wish you could have found another one that you liked but I know memory foam, blankies & pillow pets are better. I hope you had a great birthday at the bridge.
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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