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Leaving Me Again?

I really don’t know what to say.  It was a very bad night.  I hurt and cried most of the night.  The swelling in my leg just got worse.  No one wanted to take a picture of my leg but the swelling went from my elbow to my toes.  Every hour, it got bigger.  I can barely put any weight on the leg but I’m still trying.  Is it the tumor growing or just swelling because of the fracture?  I don’t know.  I don’t care.  I just know it hurts.

The humans stayed with me most of the night and the morning.  They are acting weird and keep saying they don’t know if they can continue to put me through this.  When they took me out to potty this morning, I perked up and took off running in the backyard.  Apparently  no one expected this from me.

After my little run in the backyard, they asked me to get back in the car instead.  And then the phone calls started and my female human, she calls herself “mommy”, just went crazy screaming into her phone.


That got me an appointment at 11:00 AM today with a surgeon at the new vet hospital.  I’ve already done 3 days in ICU here in the old building after a bad fall that left me paralyzed from T12 down for about 48 hours.  It took months to heal.  I don’t like this place at all.  The last time I was here, they kept testing me for “deep pain” every few minutes.  Someone grabs a set of hemostats and squeezes your toes to see if you scream.   Not my favorite activity quite honestly.

When we got here, they brought me inside on a cart instead of asking me to walk.  I refused to lay down and stood in the cart the entire way.  I got weighed finally and I’m 59 lbs.  My racing weight was 72 lbs.  This is really not good.

I got another exam.  I met lots of people.  They tested me for deep pain AGAIN.  I really don’t like that test.

The receptionist found me a queen sized comforter and the vet students found me a bunch of cushions to nest in.  At least my jedi mind tricks are working even with all the pain medications.  I’ve lost so much weight, it really does hurt to lay on anything that isn’t soft.

They kept talking about amputation.  My human told them to check my lungs again.  If the cancer spread, she wasn’t  going to “put me through this” and we were going to go home and pig out on whipped cream and bojangles one last time.  I don’t like the way that sounds.

I had another round of chest xrays.  They were clear.  I barely got a kiss from my human before the students put me back on the cart and took me in the back.  Now I’m sitting in a kennel, have IV drugs, and waiting for tomorrow.  I’ll find out what an amputation is.  At this point, I just want my leg to stop hurting.

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