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They Cut Off My Leg

I’m really not doing well right now emotionally.  Some of it may be the drugs, some of it may be that the past 2 weeks of my life have been hell.   I’m not sure where to begin.  On the bright side, my leg doesn’t feel like it is on fire anymore.  But they cut off my leg.  That is what amputation is.  THEY CUT OFF MY LEG.

Yesterday is not the clearest but I remember being put under.  I woke up and everyone was very nice to me.  I hurt but in a completely different way.  After a couple of hours, I decided I needed to get up.  I took one step and fell over.  This is when I realized they took off my leg.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so scared before in my life.  They couldn’t calm me down so they sedated me.

I woke up again sometime after dark.  They carried me outside again to see if I could potty.   Apparently I was just supposed to magically figure out how to walk without my front leg.  Standing isn’t an issue, walking is.

This morning, they used a sling to take me out and I was able to walk a little.  I refused to go potty outside though and waited till we got back in my kennel.  Then I peed everywhere.  I’m an artist really and I did a number on the kennel.  I didn’t pee on anyone this time but just enough to make a statement.  I do not want to be here.

They fed me 3 cans of dog food last night and again this morning.  Apparently no one told them I get gas from canned food.  I’m so hungry, I really don’t care though.

There have been no signs of my humans and this place just sucks.  I am done here and want to go home.  I can’t get any sleep and anytime anyone comes to my kennel, I stand up.  It looks like I’m spending another night here.  It is ok though, my bladder is full and I will let them know my opinion about staying here overnight again soon.

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