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Sent Home Early

The doctors say my level of anxiety is not normal.  Other humans who share their lives with greyhounds who have gone through this tell my humans that I am completely normal.    The hospital called my family yesterday and asked them to come pick me up today.  I was supposed to stay another 24 to 48 hours but I’m not sleeping and everything makes me very nervous.  I jump to my feet at the slightest sound.

I don’t handle temperature changes well and it got hot today.  With everything else going on, it just was too much.  When they took me outside, the heat got to me and I had to sit down.  They don’t know me and don’t understand that I just needed some AC and was not being difficult.

In the middle of the afternoon, my human came to pick me up.  With her there, I became even more stoic than before and let everyone know, I was ready to leave.  This wasn’t my home and I wanted to sleep in my own bed, with my own smells and sounds, with my family.

Old habits die hard.  As they were taking me out to the car, we went past a scale.  I cannot pass by a scale without weighing myself.  Greyhounds at the track get weighed a lot and it was very comforting for me to do something normal.  I know how to get on the scale and park out by myself.  it was a little harder to do without my right front leg, but I nailed it.  Everyone told me what a good boy I was too.

There are two huge band aids covering my incision and then I’m wearing a compression/muscle shirt over it.  I know I’m a greyhound but grey isn’t exactly my color.  I’m making it work though.  The shirt feels good and is keeping me warm too.  They shaved a LOT of hair off.  I’m really naked.

Coming home was wonderful.  Cookie met me at the door and showered me with little kisses.  I tested out the beds and then decided to lay down on my incision.  This was a bad idea.  This worked when I was in the hospital but did not feel the same when I got home.  I refused to get up and my humans had to pick me up and I cried.

All the medication they have me on makes me have to pee often.  I just don’t feel right.  I’m groggy and not sure what to do with my feet.  The only way I know to say I have to go outside is to pant because I don’t feel good enough to get up and go to the door.  I’ve already had one accident in the house (and it wasn’t pee – how embarrassing).

I’ve been able to sleep finally.  Both the humans have held me tight and let me sleep in their arms.  It is good to be home though.

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