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Start Living Again

I saw the surgeons at NC State yesterday.  They said I’m doing great.  I was my charming self and had everyone telling me what a wonderful boy I am, how handsome I am, and I even gave out kisses to the surgeon, right on the tip of her nose.  They said I can go back to my life and do whatever I want to do, within reason.  Just listen to my body.  And they hoped they didn’t have to see me again for treatment.

I was given a prescription for Gabapentin just in case I over do it.  I am not sure if I’ve ever been on it before.  Someone in the pack was put on it at some point but we’re not sure if it was human or canine.  Since my female human has neuro issues too, it might have been her.

On our way out the door, I got to meet a cute lab cross named Ellie May.  She was a little shy at first but eventually realized that I was friendly.  After that, I said hi to every dog and person that we met.  I’ve missed this a lot.

To celebrate, we headed over to Unleashed for the first time.  They were a little easier to get to at lunch time than Phydeaux‘s is.   They are also much smaller and on level ground.  Phydeaux’s is handicapped accessible but it is a very large store and I’d be tempted to sniff everything.  Twice.  I did that at Unleashed.  I even looked at toys and tried to get my human to head into the big walk in freezer.  I told her that was part of the store we had access to but she didn’t believe me till people started heading in to get raw food.

After that, we headed over to the airport to the observation park and it was a little too much stimulation for me so we left.  It wasn’t the planes that bothered me, it was too many children running and screaming in too many directions.  I like small humans but in small doses if they don’t know how to behave.

At that point, it was time to head back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription.  Again, I got to meet more people, pee on more things, and smell lots of interesting things.   It was a very good day.

That being said, we think I walked almost a mile yesterday.  It wasn’t supposed to happen that way but my human wears a fitbit and when we got home around 3:00 PM, it showed she’d walked over a mile.  Since she put it on right before we left and took the trash out,  there is a good chance that was all me.   I did wear a harness and I did lean on my human for support while walking from time to time but I did a lot of walking and it felt great.  There is some discussion about taking me to a nearby park on Sunday.  The trail is just half a mile, wooded, and there are lots of good spots to rest.

At the end of the month, I know we’re going to Panera for Cookie’s 7th birthday.  The plan is for a Meat Cake like Charlie’s Mom made for his 5th birthday.  I thought going low carb was going to suck but a meat cake sounds as good (maybe even better) than my human’s Peanut Butter and Carrot cake.

2 Responses to “Start Living Again”

  1. jerry says:

    Congratulations on overcoming that last hurdle! I KNEW you could do it. Start living again indeed.

    What a fantastic life you have, I’m so glad you are sharing your adventures with us. Promise to show us pics from the the dog park OK? And the pawty too, we wanna see that meat cake and drool!

  2. benny55 says:

    Nixon you are amazing!! Your definition of “doing things within reason”.may vary from the vet’s just a tad:-) 🙂 🙂

    Your exploits are a delight to follow and we look forward to hearing all about your journey!

    Soooooooo happy things are going splendidly well for you:-) Pictures of the cake please!

    And you:-) 🙂 🙂

    Ave a lovely day at the park Sunday…..don’t overdo big boy:-) 🙂

    Enjoy your journey and clearly you are!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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