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They say it is for my own good.  They say that my life needs to get back to normal and I can’t keep expecting everyone to keep spoiling me.  Something about it will make me rotten.

So today was supposed to be ALL ABOUT ME.  There was the debate about going to the park or Panera bread.  Neither happened.  Instead, I was taken into the backyard for the first time since March and Cookie lost her mind.  She was so happy to have me in there with her.  I didn’t take the stairs, I walked around the house but I was allowed off leash.  I ran from my male human aka “The Daddy” to my female human and then tried to go up the stairs.  They told me no, that I wasn’t ready for it yet.

Then once the temp cooled down a bit, I was allowed to go walk through the neighborhood.  This is how the fight started.  We went .2 miles and then my human said it was time to go home. I said no, I want to keep going.  The answer I got back was “No, we’re going home.  Stop being difficult Nixon.”

Difficult?  Me?  The DIVA?  Really, did you expect anything less?

Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest decision I made.  I was on my feet for an hour.  We walked almost 2/3 of a mile in one shot.  This was NOT supposed to happen.  I’m very tired now.  We stood for 20 minutes straight while we fought about the direction we should be going.  I’m still not sure how I lost.

Then once we got home, they made me eat DRY dog food.  I’ve been getting a topper on it lately.  I have no idea where my topper was but the food wasn’t bad.  It would taste a lot better with a can of food on top.

After dinner, I was told I’ve lost my privileges to go across the street.  I have to get to where I can walk around the yard without stopping before they’re going to let me go across the street again.  That’s 1/10 of a mile.


This is where I want to go, not home.

This is where I want to go, not home.

I want to go there...

4 Responses to “I’m Thinking This is Abuse”

  1. Christine says:

    what the heck? how dare they do that to you!! ;O)
    you look beautiful darlink!

  2. jerry says:

    Patience Nixon, you’ll get there! If you had gone too far you might have hurt yourself and that would have set you back to no walks at all, silly goose. Slow and steady, you’ll get there.

  3. benny55 says:

    Nixon, you are a delightful storyteller:-) 🙂
    You chronicle your abuse soooooo well. And abuse it is!!

    No topper for your food? What’s up with that??

    You are a very strikingly handsome fella and should be able to get anything g you want based on your good looks alone! And then add the personality AND the tripawd sympathy factor…..ow dare they indeed:-) 🙂

    Really, really glad you are doing g so well. And, your parents ARE doing a great job!!

    Sending you truckloads of toppers airmail today:-) 🙂

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  4. fourminipups says:

    Nixon – Sometimes our pawrents just don’t get it! When you are the special one you should get whatever you want!?!
    Now – get out in that yard and start training!

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