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What a Winter!

It has been very, very cold.  And snowy.  This has been the coldest winter in NC that I’ve ever experienced.  I handled the extra cold better than Cookie but it hasn’t been easy.  One morning, it was 3 degrees outside.  The humans insisted that we go individually so that they could give each pup their full attention.  Cookie didn’t understand and went flying into the deep snow.  And then she collapsed from the cold.  Her toes froze in seconds.  She didn’t make that mistake again.

I was a little smarter and did my business in the driveway rather than the snow.  I tried to walk in the deep snow.  My human is crazy and wore her crocs into the snow with us.   Her toes were frozen too.  When we headed back inside, I crawled back in bed and then insisted on lots of blankets.

2014-01-30 08.29.12-1

2014-01-30 09.35.52

Even Cookie wanted a blankie.  She never gets cold.

2014-01-30 08.28.43This one just makes us all laugh.  2014-01-30 09.35.29Because of the cold, we had to have environmental enrichment rather than outside time this winter.2014-01-26 01.06.43 2014-01-26 01.06.58 2014-01-26 00.54.27 2014-01-26 01.00.33

5 Responses to “What a Winter!”

  1. benny55 says:

    It might be a cold Winter in North Carolina (here in Va. too), but these pictures sure do warm my heart!!! Hapy Hannah and I want to come snuggle under the Blankie with you and Cookie!

    These are such beautiful, beautiful, gentle souls! I could look at their pictures all day and still want more! They even chew their toys with a gentle touch!

    Is Cookie doing the infamous Greyhound Roach over there…and with a smile that lights up the world? Precious!

    And crocs in the snow? Say whaaaaat? Cookie froze her toes and mom’s going outside in Crocs!! Good thing you have some sense Nixon!

    This is such a great post and the pictures are delightful!! Of course, with “subjects” like these two, how could they be anything but!!?

    Don’t leave us picture deprived so long next time, okay? Keep on keeping on Nixon, we’re all cheering for you!

    Sending lots of love and little bit of Spring Sunshine!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • ohmynixon says:

      I am told the crocs were to make sure we were not outside too long. If the human had cold feet, then we had cold feet. She also goes outside without a coat on too to make sure I do not get too cold.

      Yes, Cookie is a good roacher! I do not roach much since my surgery unless I am snuggling my humans. Cookie likes to lean against the wall in the hallway while she sleeps and crosses her hind legs. There are muddy foot prints all across the wall too. I will have to find a picture or video of her doing that.

      I just put a WordPress app on my human’s phone so I can blog more! And share pictures as they happen!

  2. maximutt says:

    Nixon, your post is my dream come true: food in bed under warm blankets!! Wow, I hope things warm up a bit in NC for you and Cookie!!

  3. jerry says:

    Now that is some serious snuggle time! What fun!!!
    I have no idea what 3 degrees feels like and I hope I never do. And I hope you don’t have to ever again. Brrrrr!!!!
    Thanks for that “Awwwwww” to start my day 🙂

  4. labsrus says:

    I sure you all get to warm up soon. Loved all of the wonderful photographs. And… what a great storyteller you are!
    Those toys look like fun!

    Super Dog Angel Hunter’s Mom, Julie

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