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Or staples.  With a mild concussion.


I am on the mend.  Staples will be out no later than Monday. 

On Monday, October 20, the morning was crisp.  Cookie wanted to play.  I bounced around with her for a little bit and then ran for the ramp.  Cookie thought I wanted to race and she pursued.  I was in the lead and greyhounds, most greyhounds, love to be first.  It’s a compulsion.  So Cookie bumped me.  Hard.  We were not going very fast, about 15 to 20 mph but my head went into this:


You can still see my fur on it.  I also broke a small chunk of wood off.

I saw stars.  I wanted to puke.  And I wanted to win.  It took me a couple of strides to get back with it and then I bumped her almost as hard and reached the top first.  And then I had to show the humans I was hurt.  It did not bleed much at first but then my nose started to bleed.  After the humans were aware of my injuries, I headed to the front door to wait for my trip to the vet.  I have had to get a lot of stitches, glue, and staples over the years.  I know the drill.

But it was 20 minutes after my favorite ER closed and an hour before Dr. Huff was seeing patients.  The vet techs were in though and said come on over.

I was an awesome boy. I did not complain at all while they disinfected and cleaned out my wounds.  I peeled back a good flap of skin on that corner and put a gash on the top of my nose.  The bloody nose took hours to stop.

No broken bones at all.  The vet techs all cheered me on for needing staples while having fun.  Who knew that they would have to do this for me at 11 years of age and a year and a half after my amputation?  I am still here and still me, slightly accident prone.  Dr. Huff gave me 20% off for being a frequent flier too. 


This is me tonight.  Scab has fallen off and I am so ready for the staples to come out.

We looked at getting me a Frankenstein’s Monster costume but they were all a little silly.  I will probably wear my pirate hat on Halloween.

Cookie is going to be a Viking with the Mommy. 


6 Responses to “All fun and games till someone winds up in a cone”

  1. Michelle says:

    Awww, I am so sorry you got hurt playing. You greyhounds have such thin skin (not meaning badly) that you get hurt and bleed easily when the skin gets torn. Heal quickly

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • ohmynixon says:

      The staples should come out tonight if my human is well enough to drive (She’s been sick all week so there have been no walks or rides to McDonald’s for McDouble’s, plain, no bun). I’m curious to see what kind of scars these leave…cause chicks dig scars. I thought I was going to have a cool Harry Potter type scar on my shoulder where my leg was but its healed up with hair that you really can’t see a scar. There is a pattern you can trace but all my hair came back. All the other scars I have are from stupid things like falling down the stairs. This time I can say, “I got it in a race.”

  2. benny55 says:

    NIXON!!! OH MY NIXON!!!!

    I know this isn’t funny…at all! But the visual of you and Cookie trading bumps with each other because you both wanted to WIN going up the ramp…yeah….I’m laughing!

    And then knowing you have to go to the doctor so you head for the door……I just LOVE you Nixon, just LOVE you!

    And your mom writes THE best blogs….err….I mean….YOU write the best blogs! Always fun, always delightful, and always full of so much love!!!

    I really am sorry you have a boo boo on your nose. You tell that Cookie NO BUMPING!! I’m sure there is a rule against that…or not!!

    ELEVEN YEARS YOUNG AND ONE YEAR AND SIX MONTHS POST AMPUTATION…AND STILL GOING STRONG!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are such a beacon of hope…such an inspiration!! And I got to meet you and your Pack in person! I love meeting ROCK STARS!!

    Sending lots of love and applause to a wonderful soul!!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    Oh, and Cookie looks adorable as a Viking! Can’t wait to see you as a Pirate!!

    • ohmynixon says:

      Thanks Sally! Normally we bump each other but they’re more love taps. Cookie was really competitive the other morning. This is why I am not allowed on the field at the Triangle Greyhound Society Picnic because the other boys can be so rough and when I’m running at full speed, I don’t have the same balance on 3 legs that I did with 4. Rubbing is racing. Nascar has nothing on greyhounds. Ever. We started it and they copy us.

      Now in my opinion, Cookie needs Myrtle to sit on her again! For me.

      The daddy was very upset about Cookie bumping me so hard that we had to calm him down. He kept barking at Cookie for 2 days and she had no idea what was wrong. She still keeps sniffing the ouchies but I don’t think she realized that she caused them. Now, she’s got scars from me. I shredded her ear and bit her leg when my leg broke. The bite on her leg left quite the scar. Dr. Huff fixed her ear up nicely and you can’t even tell that it had holes in it.

      What is Myrtle dressing up as for Halloween?

  3. benny55 says:

    Ingrid,I just LOVE reading y our blogs! There I go again…..I mean…err…NIXON!!!! They are always filled with delicious littla nuances about Greyhounds. Yeah, NASCAR racers are GREYHOUND WANNABES!!!! Copycats!!!

    Sorry your momma wasn’t feeling well, but it sounds like all of yoj are on the road to recovery!!
    Sounds like you and Cookie have evened the score now…you bit her leg and she bumped you hard! Okay, no more of this!!!

    When we all get together again, I think you and Cookie will be surprised at how “outgoing” she’s become. We won’t let her use Cookie as her couch and I think Tanner may have his hands full now!

    You have to check out the Tripawds Halloween costume thread and post your Pirate and Viking pictures. Myrtle dressed up twice…..I’ll just let you see them rather than try to describe it!

    And Nixon, you wear that scar like a badge of honor, okay? You EARNED that scar and you didn’t let that crash into the pole stop you from racing at all!


    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  4. jerry says:

    OH my DOG Nixon, you scared us BIG TIME! Holy moly I can’t imagine how your Momma felt too. Wow, I’m so glad you made it through that collision and you’re doing better and healed. Super scary dude! Winning is NOT worth it my friend!!! Ouch!!!

    (P.S. yes don’t forget to enter the costume contest!). xoxo

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