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Hey, I'm Nixon. I left this earth just shy of my 12th birthday, spending my retirement in North Carolina after racing in Florida. I was a pretty good athlete and ran till I was almost 5. Took a little bit to find the right home for me. As much as I like small humans to visit, living with them just isn't my thing. I don't mind cats or small dogs but small humans just don't understand that I need my beauty sleep and I don't want to share my bed with them. Beds are a very wonderful and personal thing and I will share ANYTHING else in the world, just not my bed. My hobbies inclue travel, playing, hiking, and peeing on ALL the things. People, dogs, inanimate objects. If it isn't moving, I'm going to pee on it. Being a greyhound, there are lots of greyhound events to go to. I've done Greyhounds in Gettysburg twice and Beach Bound Hounds in Myrtle Beach twice. I have plans to attend Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg this year. I share my home with a six year old greyhound Cookie. She'll be 7 around Memorial day. We raced at the same track but I retired a few months before she started. Cookie isn't the bravest dog and she leans on me for guidance in scary situations. We love to play to gether in the backyard together. I used to share my home with a much older greyhound named Kitty. Kitty lived well into her 14th year. She was the boss of me and then one day everything changed. She stood up to get up from a nap and her hind leg just snapped in two. My humans said she had osteosarcoma. They took her away on a stretcher and I never saw her again. And then there are my people. I have a fuzzy male human with long hair and fur on his face. He met me and instantly wanted to bring me home. We howl together every evening and chat in the mornings while he drinks his coffee. Then there is the female. Kind of flighty, not as much of a spook as Cookie is but she has a hard time relaxing. I take her out every night for a walk to help keep her calm. She also needs a lot of affection and I often invite her over to snuggle before she goes to bed at night. Sometimes she falls asleep in my bed and snores in my ear. Loudly. The humans refer to themselves as "Mommy and Daddy."

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